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Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

Hair Stem-cell Transplantation

About the HST method

Hair Stem-cell Transplantation (HST) is a unique, patented hair transplant technique whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. The results of HST are second to none. No other hair transplant technique comes close to HST. It is considered the cream of the crop in the field of hair transplantation.

HST method - How it's done

HST cleverly exploits the regenerative capacity of the human stem cell. The core of this revolutionary technique is that only a part of a hair follicle – and not the entire hair follicle – is needed to form one or more new hairs.

The grafts (tissue with hair follicle), which are transferred from the donor area to the recipient area, contain hair stem cells. The tiny piece of hair follicle harvested with a very small needle contains enough hair stem cells to grow hair in the new spot.

Sufficient hair stem cells also remain in the donor area, so that hair continues to grow in the donor area as well. HST also uses a special (also patented) growth medium that stimulates the viability and growth capacity of the stem cells.

The harvested grafts are super-small and are placed in close proximity to each other, making the new implant fine-grained and very natural. Transplanted hair follicles continue to produce hair for a lifetime. HST is the most effective procedure to densify hair and create volume.

You can undergo a hair transplant using the sophisticated, patented HST method only at one of the certified Hair Science Clinics.

Nothing compares

No other hair transplant technique rivals HST. Hair Science Clinic is therefore different from all other hair clinics. You can undergo a hair transplant using the sophisticated, patented HST method only at one of Hair Science Institute’s certified Hair Science Clinics.

The origin of HST

The scientific HST technique was originally developed as a therapy for burn patients. Physician and researcher Dr Coen Gho, founder of the international Hair Science Clinics, is an international authority on hair restoration in burns and scars. He works closely with the International Society of Burn Injuries and the European Tissue Repair Society, among others. The victims of the café fire in Volendam (the Netherlands, in 2001) were among the first patients in whom HST was applied for hair restoration.


Dr Coen Gho obtained his PhD on the topic ‘Hair stem cells and their potential applications’. For more than 30 years, he has been engaged in scientific research in the field of hair, stem cells and tissue engineering. From these studies, Partial Longitudinal Unit Transplantation (PL-FUT) was developed, short for Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST), which has also been used for cosmetic purposes since 2006.


Unlike any other techniek

In FUE hair transplantation, complete hair follicles are harvested from the donor area with a hollow needle and placed in the recipient area. In HST, we do not remove the entire hair follicle. Hair stem cells also remain in the donor area. As a result, hair regrowth takes place there as well. No scars or bald patches are left on the back of the head.

With HST, harvesting is done with patented precision instruments. As a result, the grafts are much smaller than with conventional techniques. The result is high hair density and a 100% natural look.


It's very safe

HST is a very safe procedure where you experience virtually no discomfort. Treatment leaves practically no scars and the scalp recovers quickly. The treatment is performed with local anaesthesia. As a result, you feel nothing during the procedure. Immediately afterwards, you can leave our Hair Science Clinic on your own.

The highest medical standards apply in our clinics. Every Hair Science Clinic medical professional is officially registered and certified in the HST method.

Our in-house R & D department works structurally to perfect the HST technique. For this, we cooperate with universities and academic hospitals all over the world. Thus, we continuously improve the instruments, efficiency and customer-friendliness of our HST treatment.

Get professional advice

In a no-obligation consultation, the doctor will review your personal situation. From this medical diagnosis, we draw up tailor-made advice for you, worked out in a personal treatment plan. A consultation is free and non-binding. Together, we look at the options available to you.

Go for natural results

Of all the hair transplant options, a Hair Stem-cell Transplant gives the most beautiful, natural-looking results. The transplanted grafts (hair follicles) are placed close together, ensuring high hair density and a natural-looking hairline.

We pay close attention to the original hairline. A common mistake with hair transplants is an unnatural or too sharp hairline that does not fit the face well. That is why we determine the ideal hairline in advance, together with you. This is how we achieve the most natural hairline.

the Treatment day

An HST can almost always be performed in one day and usually takes 8-10 hours. Before and after the procedure, we will give you instructions that optimise the safety and final result of the treatment. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic and is considered painless by most people. During the harvesting and reinsertion of the grafts, we make it as comfortable as possible for you.

1. Local anesthesia

You remain mobile throughout the day and are not under the influence of sedative medication. Just calling or stretching your legs is just possible. The doctor will then mark the reception area together with you and we will offer you a lunch of your choice.

2. Replacing the grafts

In the afternoon, after anesthesia, the doctor prepares the receiving area, after which the technician places the grafts in their new position. When the treatment is finished, the doctor will do a complete check-up and we will take more pictures. You will receive instructions and supplies for aftercare. Our doctors and technicians use precision instruments that require little recovery time and heal the recipient and donor area quickly.

3. Aftercare

A day, a week and a month after the treatment there are contact moments to check how you are doing. In the meantime, you can of course always contact our specialists at Hair Science Clinic with questions.

4. Safe and reliable

HST is a safe medical-cosmetic procedure in which you experience virtually no discomfort. A treatment leaves no visible scars and the scalp recovers quickly. The treatment is performed with local anesthesia. You will not feel anything during the procedure. Immediately afterwards you can leave our Hair Science Clinic independently.

What does it cost?

The cost of a hair transplant is determined partly by the number of grafts to be transplanted. How many grafts are needed for a successful Hair Stem-cell Transplant varies from person to person and from situation to situation.

Other factors also play a role: the quality of the donor hair, the course of hair loss, the health of the donor area, your overall health and your personal wishes. Colour and texture of the hair also determine the result, as we aim for natural coverage.

In short: an HST treatment is tailor-made. During a free, no-obligation consultation, the doctor will make a full medical diagnosis. Based on this, you will receive a personalised treatment plan including a cost quote.

Why choose HST?

HST is a patented, sophisticated technique for hair transplantation, developed from decades of scientific research. The treatment is very safe and has a host of advantages over other hair transplant techniques: minimal scarring, fine-grained implantation, lifelong results and possibilities for hair restoration of facial hair (eyebrows, beard). The natural results of HST are second to none.

HST is performed exclusively at official Hair Science Clinics, with locations in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Düsseldorf, London, Paris, Cap d’Antibes, Milan, Dubai, Jakarta, Bali and Hong Kong. An international team of highly trained doctors and technicians provide top care to the highest medical standards.

Client experiences

We understand like no other that the decision to undergo a hair transplant is not one you make lightly. Good for you to know is that many thousands of men, women and children around the world already preceded you at Hair Science Clinic and are extremely happy with that choice.

There is a solution

For many forms of baldness, a hair transplant is an optimal solution. In a no-obligation consultation, the doctor thoroughly examines your personal situation. From this medical diagnosis, you receive customised advice, worked out in a personal treatment plan. A consultation is valuable for you, but also for us.