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Enjoy a natural head of hair again

No-one likes to lose their hair. Being or becoming bald can seriously affect your quality of life. With a professional hair transplant, we help both men and women to achieve a beautiful, natural head of hair again. Would you like to know whether the unique science-based Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) is the solution for you? Then it is important to know the advantages of the most innovative hair transplant method of today.  

Choose the best natural result

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) provides a permanent solution for many types of baldness. Whether you have thin hair, eyebrows or (in men) a reciding hairline, balding crown or bald spots in your beard.

The refined, patented HST method is the most effective procedure: the harvested grafts are super small, therefore the implant is ultra fine, super natural and with lifelong results.

Scientific breakthrough

HST uses the power of nature by drawing on the capacity for regeneration of human stem cells. What makes this innovative technique so unique, is that only a small part of the hair follicle – instead of the entire follicle – is harvested from the donor area in order to generate one or more new hairs.

This tiny little piece of tissue contains enough stem cells to (re)grow new hair in both the receptor and donor area. HST is a safe medical-cosmetic procedure in which you will not experience any discomfort or pain. Our specialists use precision instruments, allowing the treated area to recover in a very short time. This leaves virtually no bald patches or scars on the back of the head, and makes any follow-up treatments possible. 

Top Quality Hair Transplant

Reasons to choose Hair Science Clinic

25 years of experience

Hair Science Institute has been the leading centre for hair, hair stem cells and tissue engineering for over 25 years. You can find Hair Science Clinics all over the world, where we offer the highest quality of care and results. Thanks to innovative hair transplantation techniques.

20.000+ treatments

Hair Science Clinic has performed over more than 20,000 successful hair transplants in the past twenty-five years. Our patented HST method allows the natural reconstruction of hairlines, balding crows, eyebrows and beards.

Lifelong results

The sophisticated HST method is an effective treatment: the harvested grafts are super-small, ensuring dense hair implant and natural result that lasts a lifetime. A special, patented preservation liquid stimulates growth and increases the viability of the grafts.

Amazing hair transplant results

Take a look at the before-after photos to see how efficient our Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) method is.

With our scientifically proven HST technique we’re always aiming for undetectable, outstanding and natural results. Our hair transplant before and after gallery is a sampling of thousands of successful transplants performed at Hair Science Clinic. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of the amazing results we’ve had! 

Driven by passion & science

The driving force behind Hair Science Clinic is Dr. Coen Gho. His inspiration to improve the lives of patients and deep-rooted passion for science formed the basis for the HST technique.

A journey through 25 years of scientific research
Dr. Coen Gho has been engaged in scientific research on hair, stem cells and tissue engineering for more than 30 years. In his early years as a medical doctor-researcher working with burns patients, Gho saw that hair transplants were painful procedures that also left large scars. That could and should be better, he thought. The key to improvement, he believed, lay in the hair stem cell. From these studies the Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Transplantation (PL-FUT) method was developed, known as Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST).

Dr. Coen Gho
Founder Hair Science Clinic

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