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Eyebrow hair transplantation


Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrows are very defining in a face, giving depth and expression. Are your eyebrows too thin or completely gone? With Hair Stem-cell Transplantation (HST), it is possible to reconstruct eyebrows and restore natural facial hair growth. The fine-mesh HST technique is a unique, definitive solution for hair restoration in the face.

Best technique for natural, full eyebrows

How does HST work?

HST transplants a tiny part of the hair follicle using precision instruments and not the entire hair follicle. The sophisticated method leaves virtually no scars and is a definitive solution for facial hair restoration, even in cases of scarring or burns.

HST is thus much more widely applicable than conventional hair transplant methods such as FUT and FUE and is frequently used for reconstruction of facial hair, such as eyebrows. Thanks to the delicacy of the technique, little recovery time is required and the recipient and donor areas heal quickly.

Of all the eyebrow transplant options for women, the refined HST method gives the most beautiful, natural result. A unique technique whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Our doctors specialise in giving your eyebrows the desired and most natural shape.

Get a professional diagnosis

When choosing a hair transplant treatment a good diagnosis is very important. In a free consultation our medical doctors will make an extensive assessment of your personal situation. Together we will discuss both your health status and wishes. Based on this medical diagnosis we will offer you a detailed treatment plan.


Not all of the woman’s hair needs to be trimmed to perform an HST hair transplant. It’s an option to shave only a small area on the back of the head – called the donor area. Whether this is possible, is determined by on the number of grafts to be extracted. After the treatment, the surrounding hair will cover the shaved area. This makes the treatment nearly invisible. Our medical doctors and technicians use precision instruments, so little recovery time is required and the recipient and donor area heal quickly.

Safe & reliable

HST hair transplantation is a safe medical-cosmetic procedure that causes little to no discomfort. Our treatments barely leave any scars and the scalp generally recovers quickly. The treatment is performed under a local anaesthetic and you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. You can immediately go home afterwards.

The perfectly shaped eyebrow

When reconstructing eyebrows it is very important to implant the hair in the correct shape and hair growth direction. Fortunately, an eyebrow transplant with the revolutionary HST method offers you a permanent solution, with the most beautiful and refined result. Our medical doctors are specialized and well-trained to give your beard or mustache the desired and most natural looking shape.

Why Hair Science Clinic?

HST is a patented, sophisticated hair transplant technique, developed from decades of scientific research. It is the method for restoring natural hair growth in the face, even if there are scars or burns.

HST hair transplants are only performed in the official Hair Science Clinics, with locations in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Düsseldorf, London, Paris, Cap d’Antibes, Milan, Dubai, Jakarta, Bali and Hong Kong. An international team of doctors and technicians provide top care here according to the highest medical standards.

Every medical professional affiliated with Hair Science Clinic is BIG registered and certified in the HST method.

Happy with new eyebrows

TV presenter Bridget Maasland epilated her eyebrows almost bald in the past. As a result, she was completely dependent on alternatives, such as applying serums or applying makeup daily to make the eyebrows look fuller and thicker. After her HST treatment, Bridget has beautiful full eyebrows again.

So happy with my eyebrows!!! @hsi. hair science institute ❤️ dyed my own eyebrow hairs for the first time''
Bridget Maasland

The natural look

The gold standard for eyebrow hair transplants is Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST). Of all the options for hair transplants the sophisticated HST method gives the best, most natural result. The harvested grafts are very small, ensuring dense hair implant and beautiful result that lasts a lifetime.

HST uses the power of nature by drawing on the capacity for regeneration of human stem cells. What is unique about this innovative technique is that only a small part of the hair follicle, instead of the entire follicle, is harvested from the donor area.

What does it cost?

The costs of an HST treatment are determined, among other things, by the number of grafts to be transplanted. How many grafts are needed for a successful eyebrow transplant differs per person and per situation.

Other factors also play a role: the quality of the donor’s hair, the health of the donor area, your general health and your personal wishes. The colour and texture of the hair also determine the end result.

In short: an HST treatment is tailor-made. During a free and non-binding consultation, the doctor makes a complete medical diagnosis. Based on this, you will receive a personal treatment plan including a quote for the costs.

Discover your options

HST is a unique method of eyebrow transplantation. In a no-obligation consultation, the doctor thoroughly examines your personal situation. Based on this medical diagnosis, you will receive tailor-made advice, detailed in a personal treatment plan. A consultation is free and without obligation.