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Marketing support partners

We are the inventors of Hair Stem Cell Transplantation. A scientic breakthough, that gives more natural hair with less fuss. Our success is built around our belief that everyone should enjoy the best possible hair – delivered with a smile.

“The happier you are. The more beautiful you become.”

Hair transplantation; which areas can be treated?

At Hair Science Clinic, we are driven by a simple idea. To give our clients the very best hair possible. Through our Hair Science Institute and Hair Science Academy we maintain a strong commitment to research and education. Every day we try to make things better, to improve people’s lives. We aim for excellence in everything we do. This has been the driving force behind our success. It is built into everything we do. It’s all about delivering the best experience and hair to our clients and colleagues. Marketing and communication play a major role in positioning in the market and approaching potential clients.

Below you will find more information on how we can support you in marketing for your domestic market.

Marketing Strategy

Hair Science Clinic has seen marketing as well as the various markets change tremendously fast over the past 5 years. We are therefore constantly evolving to adapt our marketing strategy as smartly and efficiently as possible. Based on data-driven intelligence for digital funnel marketing, which generates valuable analyses for continuous optimisation of our processes: such as campaigns, advertising, SEO, SEA and content production.

Data driven marketing

Based on the data, we were able to create a correct customer journey as a foundation, which means we can now provide our prospects (and therefore partners) with the suitable information needs at the right time. Which can be of decisive value in our high-end services, given the complexity of the client buying process.

The sum is stronger than the individual parts

We believe in our own knowledge, expertise and strength. We offer potential customers – on a daily basis – meaningful, helpful and honest information, creating authority and social reach. By really adding something to the customer journey, potential customers come to us and find it worthwhile to engage / stay in contact with us.

‘Education’ of potential leads

The strength of our strategy lies in a combined approach of SEA campaigns, SEO optimisation, content marketing, community building via social media platforms and the ‘education’ of potential leads via our own created lead funnels, done by using Direct Mailing campaigns (from orientation phase to warm lead).


Please review our marketing support packages via the attached download-links. And keep updated.

Marketing Strategy (International)
version 05-2023:

Brand Guidelines
Download: coming soon

Corporate identity
version 01-2023:

Corporate brochures
version 01-2023:

Printed Matters
version 01-2023:

HST science-based documentation
version 01-2023:

version 01-2023:

Website content
version 01-2023:

Funnel Marketing
version 01-2023:

SEA and Display ads
version 01-2023:

version 01-2023:

Images & visual content
version 05-2023:

Video material
version 03-2023:


Before & after results – Photos
version 05-2023:

HST vs. FUE technique – Photos
version 05-2023:


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Article: ‘Is a hair transplantation painful?’

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Article: ‘What different types of hair loss are there?’

News: ‘Partnership Ricardo Vila Nova’


We are experiencing both rapid and positive developments in the European market. Based on data-driven marketing, we are now updating some more of our marketing materials and content; which we hope to share with you in the upcoming months.

  • Scientific articles | effective from: monthly frequency
  • New corporate website | effective from: summer 2023
  • New website texts (both product- and SEO related) | effective from: summer 2023
  • New video footage (in various languages) | effective from: summer’23
  • Corporate brochure | effective from: september 2023
  • Aftercare brochure | effective from: september 2023


Please contact our head of marketing Mr Jeroen Remmel. Based at our headquarters in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Contact details

Phone: +31 (0)43 6018 101
Mobile: +31 (0)6 2532 8242