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The treatment day

We want your treatment day to run as smoothly as possible. We will take all your concerns away. In the days prior to the treatment day, you will receive extensive instructions from our staff about the do’s & dont’s in the days leading up to your hair transplant.


Abstinence from coffee and alcohol

You will start preparing for the procedure one week beforehand. To prevent increased bleeding tendencies, you should stop taking blood-thinning medication and drinking alcohol. You will receive precise instructions on what you may and may not do. On the day of the treatment you may have a normal breakfast (without coffee).

Beginning of treatment

An HST transplantation usually takes place in one day of treatment. First, we take photographs for the treatment file and anaesthetise the agreed donor area locally. Then the harvesting of the grafts begins. You will feel almost nothing, we only expect you to be patient.

In the morning

Shaving the donor area

In the process of restoring the hair, it is often asked to shave the hair short. This is done before starting the treatment. In this way, the specialists have a good view of the donor and recipient areas and can apply the best possible treatment. Please ask your attending medical doctor for advice.


It is not always necessary to millimetre all the hair during an HST treatment. There is a possibility to shave only a small area at the back of the head, for instance for aesthetic reasons and for women. This depends on the number of grafts to be extracted. After the treatment, the surrounding hair will fall over this. As a result, the treatment will be virtually invisible.

Fast recovery

Our medical doctors and technicians use precision instruments so that little recovery time is needed and the donor area heals quickly.

Extraction of the grafts

Local anaesthetic

After the donor area has been shaved, we apply an anaesthetic. During the morning, you lie on your stomach and the grafts are removed from the donor area by the technician.

No discomfort

The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic. You will feel no discomfort during the procedure. You remain mobile throughout the day and are not under the influence of sedative medication. Making a phone call or stretching your legs is possible.

Precision instruments

Our medical doctors and technicians use precision instruments. The harvested grafts are super-small, which means that HST leaves practically no scars or bald spots in the donor area. This is in contrast to conventional hair transplant techniques such as FUT and FUE. This makes any follow-up treatment possible.


Afterwards, the medical doctor will mark the recipient area together with you. And we will offer you a delicious lunch, chosen by yourself.

Implanting the grafts

Preparing the reception area

In the afternoon, the medical doctor will prepare the reception area after anaesthesia. Now the second part of the treatment begins: “making the incisions”. Since it is important to us that the grafts are placed exactly according to your wishes, you can watch the procedure in the mirror.

Fully relaxed

After the incisions have been made, we wash the entire scalp. Then the grafts are placed in their new position by two technicians or by the doctor and a technician. During the entire treatment, you have the opportunity to listen to music, watch movies and take breaks.


When the treatment is finished, the medical doctor will do a complete check-up and take photographs again.



When all grafts have been transplanted, you will be given instructions and supplies for the aftercare. For example, about taking medication and washing your hair. The treatment and medication do not affect your ability to drive. After the treatment, you are allowed to drive home on your own.

Minimal downtime

Your skin recovers quickly in the days following the procedure. The transplanted grafts will attach within 24 hours of treatment. Blood flow is also restored within one day. As a result, wound healing is rapid and ‘downtime’ minimal.

The day after treatment

You will notice that the day after the treatment you can basically work or function as before. However, you should limit physical exertion and sweating during this time. The implanted skin may be slightly swollen and red in the first hours after the procedure. You will be given extensive tips and advice on how to prevent swelling and any itching in order to ensure optimal recovery and final results.

Lifelong result

The result of a HST hair transplant is permanent. Transplanted hair follicles continue to produce hair for a lifetime. The harvested grafts are super-small, creating a finely-meshed, very natural implant. The final result is not visible immediately after the treatment, but develops over a period of nine months.

Final check-up

One day, one week and four months after the treatment, we will have check-ups by telephone to see how your recovery is going. After 9 months, the final - physical - check-up with the medical doctor takes place in our clinic.

Optimal aftercare

If you still have doubts about your recovery or if you experience side effects, it's important to know that you can always contact the specialists at Hair Science Clinic. We are there for you if you need us.

Amazing hair transplant results

Take a look at the before-after photos to see how efficient our Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) method is.

With our scientifically proven HST technique we’re always aiming for undetectable, outstanding and natural results. Our hair transplant before and after gallery is a sampling of thousands of successful transplants performed at Hair Science Clinic. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of the amazing results we’ve had! 


There is a solution

For many types of baldness, a hair transplant is a permanent solution. Of all the options for hair transplantation, a treatment with the innovative Hair Stem Cell Transplantation method gives the best, most natural result.

Get well informed

A good preliminary diagnosis is important for the choice of treatment. During a no-obligation consultation with one of our medical doctors, we go into detail about your personal situation and wishes. On the basis of this intake, we will provide you with customised advice, an individual treatment and prevention plan and a no-obligation price quotation.

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